TKTX During Procedure Numbing Spray 30ml *NEW*

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TKTX During Procedure Numbing Spray 30ml

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IT’S HERE!!!! What you have all been waiting for… TKTX During the procedure numbing spray, using cutting-edge technology we have created a blend that keeps you going through your session. Just spray on and keep going! Ensuring you can power through the rest of your tattoo without taping out and losing your session!!!
Spray can also be applied post(after) session/tattoo, to soothe the after pain and itchy sensation!!! HOW AMAZING!!

****Please note: This product is only effective once the skin has been broken, do not try to use this to numb the skin before the procedure it will not work.

During procedure numbing gel is tobe used for any tattooing or procedures near/on the facial area to avoid contact in eyes)


Simply spray the desired area that you need extra numbing, cover the area in cling wrap/film wait 5-10min. Remove the cling film, clean the area and continue tattooing, simple as that!! Keep applying as you need.

Store above 10°C and below 25°C. (Keep out of direct sunlight)
For external use only.
Avoid spraying into the eyes and mouth.
Keep out of reach children.
Do not put this product into the rectum.
Cap bottle when not in use.
Shelf life: 2 years
We STRONGLY recommend doing a test patch on your skin a day before your procedure to ensure you do not react. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT 
Only complete orders will be dispatched. If any part of your order is “out of stock/on backorder”, then the whole order won’t be shipped until stock is available.

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